World Wide Word Debt

I love the format and rhythm of this poem.

Elan Mudrow

f88cf4fa2caf7c1f718cb18b28d4a351 Photo by Madeline Rockery

  1. Letters of intent, e-mails of rejection, notices of eviction, templates full of blank communication.
  2. Crazy love-talk, whiskey arguments, sweet nothings muttered ad hoc.
  3. Directions to signposts pointing back to directions. A sad sign of an editor’s directionless infections.
  4. Notes on napkins, smeared love potential, ball point penned, complete with missing periods
  5. Tweets, a 144 mosquitos buzzing itchiness into verse. Followers spray with their insecticide mirth.
  6. Submission rules, game rules, the ruling class and rules of engagement. Fortunately, words have rules of disarrangement.
  7. Author of the month, author of the year and they keep on authorizing. Sign here.
  8. Summation, contemplation, a unifying theory. We keep looking for one word, that explains the entire turd.
  9. The Ten Commandments never asked please, leaving us all screwed. I think The Word is by any definition, rude!
  10. Essays saved by the cloud, poems strung-out on word processor, welcome to the…

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